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The Mauboussin Style down the ages

From 1827 to 1880: The beginning of jewellery.

In 1827, Mr Rocher took a gamble on the future and opened a  ewellery workshop. The Romantic movement fostered artistic creation and a penchant for discovery. Jewellery's main purpose at this time as to show prestige and social dominance.

From 1880 to 1923: Mauboussin created.

In 1898, Georges Mauboussin recognised this workshop's extraordinary

potential. He bought it and founded his own brand under his name: Mauboussin.

From 1923 to 1930: Conquering the world.

In 1920, Mauboussin was characterised by a style inherent to the Art Deco movement, taking inspiration from ornamental motifs from India and the Orient.

From 1930 to 1940: The celebrities' jeweller.

It was after the Second World War that Mauboussin's style moved towards figurative realism. It depicted moving nature, the force behind falls, cascades and blooming flowers.

Marlène Dietrich chose to wear Mauboussin jewellery in two films. Paulette Goddard, Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo and the Queen of Egypt at the time were taken with the creativity of the French brand. From 1933, Mauboussin became the official supplier for Yashwant Rao Holkar, the Maharaja of Indore.

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