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Des montures toute en finesse et légèreté

According to the GFK study, weight is the first criterion of choice for the purchase of a pair of glasses.


UTX (Ultra Thin Xyl) glasses are probably the thinnest and lightest on the market.


Thanks to a secret formula, the acetate is stabilized in pre-production so as to obtain an extremely fine finish while retaining the robustness of the material.


Usually the thickness of an acetate frame varies between 3.8 and 4.2mm. With the UTX, we obtain frames 2.6mm thick, or 35% thinner!


Many consumers refuse acetate frames deemed too heavy and too thick, and striking on the face. In addition to its light weight, the UTX remains very discreet and perfectly meets the expectations of many carriers.


UTX is acetate. It has exactly the same characteristics as a traditional acetate while being much thinner and significantly lighter.


Is it more fragile?

No, the raw material is the same. It's acetate. The fact that it is thinner and lighter, does not alter its properties.


Indeed, although the frame is 35% thinner and 50% lighter , its density remains almost identical. It is therefore as resistant as a classic acetate.


35% thinner than a classic acetate bezel
(2.6mm thick instead of 4mm)



50% lighter
(12 g instead of 24 g)







Adapts perfectly to the morphology of the wearer



A frame so thin and so light that it is completely forgotten




real hardened and handmade acetate

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